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tax deductible?

I need to know if donations to digging deeper are tax deductible

tax deduction

I need to know if the amount I subscribe to is tax deductible and if so a TIN? Thank you

Pandora access?

I access the morning mindset on my pandora account is that similar to Spotify?

Access digging deeper

How do we access the digging deeper podcast?

How can I stay Christ-focused in an increasingly ethically relative environment in university?

I am finishing up my second year at university and while I have recently come back to the Lord and engaging with his Word daily, it feels like a constant uphill struggle to be authentically me in front of people or during school discussions because it feels as though my more conservative viewpoints are shunned in the academic setting. How can I stay true to my belief in God and the morals I want to uphold, be a good Christian example, and still excel in school when the students are often indoctrinated into an ethical subjectivity mindset and are actually praised for it and this is considered the "right" thing by the institution. I recall Roman 12 and Paul talking about not conforming to the world. Where I struggle most is how to then still move through my day and life, without the conformation, and not hurt people, burn bridges, or seem too "high and mighty". Where can I find help in this facet of my life?