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How should Christians deal with situations where they believe their leadership is not doing the right thing?

I was recently asked this by a listener to the Morning Mindset. It's not an easy question to deal with, much less answer. But the Bible does give us some guidelines for such situations. I sent an email response, but also included the subject in a Digging Deeper recording (TITLE: Listener Question about submitting to abusive authorities)

Is it unloving NOT to wear a mask during COVID concerns?

This was a question I received from a friend that I thought would make a great Digging Deeper topic. Once I got into it, I discovered that I needed to do a lot more thinking. I did, and added it to the episode.

Did you say that Cerebral Palsy and ALS are the results of sin? That sounds pretty ignorant!

In the September 13th episode of The Morning Mindset you said that Cerebral Palsy and ALS are the result of sin. I'm confused, can you explain how you see that to be true?

answer to the ALS question

Carey, I love your podcast and just signed up to partner with you. Thank you so much for the clarification! I, too was also so worried when I heard it. I am learning so much about God and the Bible through your teaching. thank you!

How can I stay Christ-focused in an increasingly ethically relative environment in university?

I am finishing up my second year at university and while I have recently come back to the Lord and engaging with his Word daily, it feels like a constant uphill struggle to be authentically me in front of people or during school discussions because it feels as though my more conservative viewpoints are shunned in the academic setting. How can I stay true to my belief in God and the morals I want to uphold, be a good Christian example, and still excel in school when the students are often indoctrinated into an ethical subjectivity mindset and are actually praised for it and this is considered the "right" thing by the institution. I recall Roman 12 and Paul talking about not conforming to the world. Where I struggle most is how to then still move through my day and life, without the conformation, and not hurt people, burn bridges, or seem too "high and mighty". Where can I find help in this facet of my life?